As we are at the threshold of yet another academic year, all the Shealingtons should enlighten themselves with novel aspirations and unquenchable enthusiasm. An impetus to pursue the right visions and thereby widen the horizons of one’s imaginations and knowledge has been made possible in the abode of Shealing Public School located at the heart of Chhatarpur. The paradigm shift recently taking place in the educational sphere necessitates the young ones to be creative and innovative. The protection and tender care mixed with rigorous moulding that Shealing offers, makes it unique and outstanding among all its counterparts. In order to get a fruitful experience of all the curricular as well as the co-curricular activities regularly taking place in this institution, one requires to become a part of this wonderful place of imparting knowledge. I would like to extend a hearty welcome to all the newcomers . I wish all success and victory to all the Shealingtons who continue their incessant efforts to accomplish the tasks assigned to them. I am immensely delighted to assume the role of a new Principal in this esteemed institution. Let success be the benchmark of all the stakeholders of Shealing Group of Education.

With Regards

Somya Singh Parmar